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Welcome to Making a Difference Tameside                                                                                     

We are a life skills workshop that helps people with mental health issues. Our aim is to enable them to develop their life skills by building self esteem and confidence through activity based sessions

Working in a rehabilitative way we encourage each person to take responsibility for her or his life.

Image: The Courtyard at MADT   Image: Workshop Session   Image: Cookery Lessons

To do this we work to build a ‘therapeutic relationship' - one in which an individual begins to be able to trust and believe in themselves and find fulfilment

through self empowerment.


Our team has found that we are better able to help people develop new skills and recover lost ones in this new type of relationship.

It is a partnership and we want our ‘partners’ to be somewhere they can develop their potential, be respected, valued and not have to worry about the views of anyone else. We encourage them to express themselves in many ways - practical, emotional, social, spiritual, physical and psychological - to learn and improve skills they can use both inside and outside the workshop

We use a workshop format to ensure the experience suits the needs of each individual. It requires a skilled team to achieve this therapeutic relationship, one trained in coaching and mentoring skills as well as personal life skills. As you would expect we also have excellent knowledge and experience in mental health.

If you would like to know more please explore our website or contact us.